ExpatSocial Club


ExpatSocial is proud to be celebrating the beginning of its 3rd year and has evolved from an event organizer to what is now becoming the ExpatSocial Club! We are Prague based and here to serve the Prague Community, and anyone else in the world that is interested in connecting with the International English speaking community of Prague, Czech Republic.


ExpatSocial is about connecting the Individuals and Businesses by providing a platform where the International community can find organizations, associations, businesses and individuals located here in Prague.


We provide an opportunity to promote events, seminars, public services information, and anything else that will serve the International Community of Prague.


We are constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of the International Community of Prague.


We are about connecting the global community with the Local Community of Prague. As well as, connecting the Prague Community with each other.


So welcome to the ExpatSocial Club and get inspired, involved and enjoy!


Thank you for visiting The ExpatSocial Club of Prague, Czech Republic.